Subscription Issues

Hello Infinite Flight Support. I bought the live signature today and my account doesn’t recognize the subscription. What should I do?

Did you use the correct account? Where did you buy the subscription was it in-app or on Infinite Flight website?

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Signed in the same way as when you bought it? Facebook/Google? Tried restarting your device?

Hi and welcome to the community! If you have a concern regarding your Live account subscription, log in errors etc, you are welcome to send a private message to @david with the following 3 items:

  1. Your full user display name (not email please)
  2. Last known call sign
  3. The complete copy of the subscription purchase receipt. Attached or pasted image is fine.

I used the correct acount, I bought on Infinite Flight Website

yes. Facebook. Yes, I tried

Check your email for my reply to your ticket you opened. It’s fixed.


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