Subscription Issues

So yesterday i was about to purchase a 10 dollar suscripsion it wasn’t going through for some reason. Then i decided to buy a 50$ suscripsion it didn’t go through either and then in the morning at like 7 i get 2 messages that i have been charged how the hll and i can’t even play because nun of the suscripsion i bought where there i can’t play multi-player HOW.

Hi! You should contact one of the staff so they can help you with this issue. also this topic should be on Support. hope you get to fix this!

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You’re logged into your account on the app? Maybe one of the staff can reverse one of the charges. Not sure.


It could be because of maybe the privacy setting if your a kid to not purchase something without permission. This also could be Apple’s fault. If so, I’d contact Apple Support


File a refund on Apple’s website. Should work. Otherwise contact staff.

No this never happened to me

That’s an Apple issue, I’ve had it happen before with other subscriptions for other apps. You can get a refund, in your account settings, for the one subscription and they’ll refund the entire amount you paid.

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I’d suggest waiting for the staff to respond and seeing if they can get you up and running on the live servers and multiplayer.

However, if you want a refund (for Apple/iOS), you can follow this link here for the steps to take for the refund. It’s pretty straightforward.


The subscription doesn’t even show 😐

What you can try doing is.
Go to setting on your apple device>click on your apple ID this meaning literally the top where your name shows up>click on subscriptions. If Infinite Flight is there then you should have the sub.
Wish I was of any help!

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But it doesn’t show the suscripsion and i got charged for it

Ah I understand. Wish you the best and im hoping you can fix this!

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Why isn’t misha responding

Probably because;

  1. He doesn’t handle Support queries.
  2. About the Support Category

Due to privacy reasons, it’s best if we don’t handle this here.
I’ll drop you a PM :)