Subscription issues

I switched to my other tablet, which is a tab5. I was previously using a tab4. The issue that I’m having is when I downloaded IF on my tab5 and logged in with my google account, it didn’t recognize my subscription and gives me the prompt menu to purchase live for 30 days or the yearly subscription. I uninstalled and downloaded several times and it did not solve my subscription issue. I hope this is making sense. Please help with advice so that I may solve this issue.
Thank you

Make sure that you use the same (google,facebook etc.) Account on both devices, also look how long your subscribtion goes maybe it end’s yesterday.

You can be logged in at several different devices. Just not use them at the same time.


That’s the funny part. I can play on the tab4, just not the tab5. I am logging in with the same Google account. Also, my monthly subscription is over on Nov. 14, 2017. On the tab 5 it doesn’t give me the option to purchase global like it did on my tab4. I wonder why? I assumed that the app was updated once I downloaded on the tab5. Hmmm