Subscription issues help please

So I recently bought IF, ive had it before but on different operating system so I kinda know what I’m doing. However I go to subscribe for a month of live and it doesnt work. My visa card is working fine, I managed to buy the app so i dont know why its not working. But when logging into the card website i couldnt log in. I double checked by buying another game and it worked. So now I’m extremely confused. I’m wondering if its the game itself or something? Or the card? Anyways I provided 2 screenshots which hopefully will be helpful. Thanks everyone in advance.


Check this out while you get answer from tech ppl.

Yeah, this looks much more like some sort of fraud protection thing than an IF thing. I’ve had cards where I’ve had to call and unblock a vendor before. Every card is different. I would start by calling them in the morning first to make sure they’re not “protecting” you.


This issue is triggered by Play Store and not Infinite Flight. Best place to start is here:

Having the same problem

Hmmmm… It seems pretty weird seeing two of the same problems while being made at the same time.

There could be a chance that there is a problem in the Google Play store.

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