Subscription issue

I want to subscribe for 6 months but the option shows only 1 month…what do I do now ? Did you guys remove the options for 6 month / annual subscription ? My app is updated to the latest version !!

Device: iPad Air 4
Operating system: iPad OS 15.4.1

You can only do one month I think (correct me if I’m wrong)

App Store > Click on Profile (Top Right) > Subscriptions > Infinite Flight > 6 Months Sub

The option was removed in game but you can purchase it via the AppStore following the steps above.

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No, I’m a user since 2016 & there were options later for 1/6/12 month subscriptions !!

Ohh okay…idk why they removed it !! Thanks for solution though :)

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No worries. Have a great day!

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