Subscription issue

I mean idk I used a iPod ages ago and am still using a iCloud account

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Imma need a mod here I am having issues

Like I try to stop testing and it won’t work

If the subscription isn’t following, try the following (on iOS - open a new issue if you have no sub on Android):

  • Reinstall 20.1 by going to the App Store and downloading IF (no need to delete the app or leave the test).
  • Make sure you are logged-in with your account, then go to your account page (top right)
  • In there, there should be “link account” in the bottom right. If you press that, sign in with a Google or a Facebook account.
  • If that isn’t showing, your account is already linked. Try the steps below with another Facebook or Google account.
  • Give it 5 mins, and go back to 20.2 and sign in with that account again (press “Get Pro” in the top right, then “I already have an account”).

Sorry this is a bit complicated, TestFlight uses its own system for purchases and it is not related to the App Store, so it can’t pull up your sub automatically


This helped a lot it was uninstalled in the App Store and all I had to do was download log in and its there thanks

Edit the 777 LR spirit of Atlanta tricked me and it looks like 20.2 looking at the main screen 777 LR but not any more

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Until it works better imma stick with 20.1 on my iPad but 20.2 on my phone

@Cameron It has not let me log in with a google or gave me the option every time I’ve tried this.

Yeah I am still having issues

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I tried hitting switch account that didn’t work lmao

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I’ve done it.
On you phone go to setting in infinite flight account and link your IFC account. Then on you iPad when it ask for your account sign in with the infinite flight and bam

To make it easier to understand

  1. Open infinite flight beta on your second device. iPhone android

  2. Go to setting on infinite flight and to your account.

  3. Link your IFC account to your Infinite flight account

    mine is linked because I’ve already done this

  4. Open up your second device that ha a beta on it and click get pro on the top right corner

  5. Click I have an account then when it gets you to this screen click Log in with IFC account

  6. Then it should work and you’re done… 🙃