Subscription issue


Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

iPad Air 3rd Generation


So I got open beta on my phone then tried on my iPad. Before I got the TestFlight link and all infinite flight was working fine and I had no problems with my account. When I open infinite flight app that has open beta though I’m logged out and I can’t log back in it keeps saying my account doesn’t have a subscription.

Steps to reproduce

Uninstalled IF. Redid the beta link

Expected results

Would work fine and I could fly

Actual results

Same thing has open and over

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Had the same issue and solved it (Forgot my account was linked with google) Make sure you click “Log in via Google” if your account was linked.

iOS 14
iPad mini 4

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Does it show ur stats?

@tunamkol yeah I’d do and I clicked on my gmail account and it said error code 1

@TylerShah no

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You mind sharing a screenshot?

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Which screen, like the normal one where it says like fly solo, fly online or the one where it wants me to log in.

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Of the error

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He hasn’t logged into his account, I don’t think a screenshot will help a lot

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Here is that screenshot

Your 100% sure ur using the same email?

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Yep there’s no way I’m not.

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I’m going to try and delete infinite flight along with TestFlight and try it again

Update: I uninstalled TestFlight along with infinite flight. Got everything setup went to infinite flight. Gave me the beta guide and got to the point where it said give a screenshot to the developer. I clicked start testing and it crashed, I’m still getting the issue where it has logged me out and I can’t log back in as well.

Anyone got any ideas?

I have the same issue with my iPad 7th gen but my iPhone 8 is fine it’s weird.

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Same with me phone works fine iPad doesn’t super weird

Ya I want to maybe fly over night but not looking good rn I’ll wait for a mod to step in and I’ll do some quick search to see if any similar topics show up

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I pmed Schully about to and was told to go here, asked him again for help just waiting him the response…

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This is the best thing I could find

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Hmmm alright let me do this. With the google account although it’s logged in I’ll log out and retry