Subscription issue

I was doing a flight from
JFK TO EGLL with online flights and other users when I was flying out the game shut the engines down and said I can’t fly outside the region area. But I have paid for my subscription and it expires May 8th

This has been an ongoing issue. What are you running? IOS? Android?

That’s quite odd to happen. Did any green squares show on your map before you spawned in?

Yes giant green squares, but I still had other online users flying around and so I was a bit confused.

IOS. It was fine this afternoon, wondering where the problem is

Ok those squares shouldn’t be there if you have access to live, because they mean they are region borders, and regions aren’t taken into effect for IF pro users, which it sounds like you do have IF pro, but there’s such thing as regions at the same time? 🤔

This is odd… have you tried reloading the app? Does it say the same thing still?

Ok the green borders have gone after reloading the apps again. I think it should be fine

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Sounds like the Expert server may have gone down for some for a bit there

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