Subscription issue

Please Help me I paid for a pro subscription for 1 month expires january 21 2018 i played just 1 week i could only play in one airport LUKK the rest weren’t working than it stops working i press fly it continues loading for 2 hours and nothing happens

Hi! Please tell us your Device System, Infinite Flight Version!
I will be glad to help you!

I guess is device capacity problem…
pls provide ur device details

Here are some things that might help:

  • Restart IF
  • Secure a strong internet connection.
  • Be sure IF or your device is updated to the very latest version.
  • Clear RAM for optimal performance. Leave back at at least 1GB of storage space.

Hello! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community otherwise know as the IFC!

We appreciate your post today in the Support Category and we are here to help!

We would first please ask if you could give us some more ‘In-Depth’ detail!

Please include:

  • Device brand, model, and current operating system version. Example: iPad Air 2 iOS10, or Samsung GalaxyA7 Android 5.0
  • Any device modifications such as “rooted” or “jailbroken”, custom ROM, or third party apps installed such as screen recorders.
  • Include brief steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot without success. Example: “restarted and reinstalled app without resolution”
  • Screenshots welcome

This will help us resolve your issue.

If you have a concern regarding your Live account subscription, log in errors, or other technical issues requiring the exchange of personal information such as email, purchase receipts, etc. please contact support at and @Mark_Denton or @Tyler_Shelton will be happy to assist.
When contacting support via email for one of the issues listed above please always include:

  • Display Name (not email)
  • Callsign
  • Device
  • Complete copy of purchase receipt (pasted or screenshot)

Thanks for your Co-Operation.


Chances are, you don’t have the latest version of IF.