Subscription isn’t transferring to new phone

I just bought the subscription yesterday on my old phone but my new phone has better quality and everything so I’m trying to transfer it to my new phone but when I do it it says “this account isn’t linked to an infinite flight pro subscription”. I have read other posts and they said to link your account but my account is linked and when I click my name it says “would you like to unlink”. I don’t know if I should or it will ruin it. Please help, thanks

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Hello there!
Did you check that is the right account?

Hi, welcome to the community, so unlinking won’t ruin it. You are able to log back in. Just make sure that you know your log in details. So I say try that first.

Also, as you are new here. I recommend that you read this A Beginners Guide to the Forum to help out.

Yes I’ll try again

Ok I will try again

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perfect. Let us know how it goes

It’s not letting me double check, cause it’s like saved on my phone and all it says is authorize the account

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Did you log out and back in?

And if you are on an Iphone, just check to see if the iCloud account and all of that is the same. I just want to see if maybe this might be the issue. But it is unlikely .

Can you share a screenshot from the account page in the app from the device you’ve been using?

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Yes I logged out and did it again and it didn’t do anything

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try deleting the app and re-install it

ok, try what @ItsablacklineYT said. You have two ifc accounts correct. And if so, make sure that you have the right one, put in on your old phone, and on your new one.

No I only have 1 ifc account but I’ll delete the app

so try InfiniteFlightFilms1,

I deleted and tried again and it still doesn’t work

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so strange, hopefully schyllberg can help you out.

Hmmm ok thx for trying

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yup, I apologize . I have no idea, I will look around though , and try to find something .

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Ok thanks for the effort

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