Subscription Invalid

Was just descending into KSAN after flying a SWA B738 for 45 hours and got a notification saying I had no active subscription on the account even though on apple it says I have one.

Thanks for the help

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Did your sub renew mid flight?

Hello dear.
That’s normal for long haul flight .
The system do that to keep everything smooth .

No, I renewed if a few months ago. @iidvdii has it happened to you on your ULHs?

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Yes it’s happened to me every time .
Some time after 40 H and Max 55 special after the new update .

This one is last week it’s longest flight i do after same massage showing up .

Is there any reason given from developers why this is happening?

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They will give you the reason soon dear .

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Used to be able to do really long flights and not disconnect, would like to stick with one flight as long as I could in the future

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I think this is a known error and will be fixed in the next update.

See this reply from another topic


That is a big bummer, was going to fly the SWA B738 for 500 hours 😒. Guess I’ll have to wait to fly the DAL B752 for that long then. With they could put out a hot fix real quick

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