subscription help

so i had to make a new account as the email i use is controlled by my school and the password was changed 4 days ago, by my school.
i made the new fresh start account still having my subscription active until june of 2019. yet the loop of “you have a subscription” to "i already have subscription’ has started

ive tried
re-installling the app
re-signing into my account

the only way i can get a subscription is by buying the 6 month one for 60 dollars, which i really dont want to do when i have the yearly active until june of 2019.

Yeah I don’t think you should buy another subscription if you have an active one. Did you try clicking the “I already have a subscription” button in the bottom left corner?

yes, it just says “no active subscription found” then i repeat over and over.

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Wait, if you have used another e-mail account then you do not have your subscription. Your subscription is directly linked to your e-mail that you used to purchase it. If you ever logged into your account in another way try doing that but if not, you will need that e-mail account that you used to purchase it or previously log in with!


my account cant be logged into because the email password was changed by my school. i wish i could buy the yearly subscription though. i think i understand the issue. Apple says i won the yearly sub. for my device while FDS says i only own it for the locked account.

i had to make a new account because i got locked out of my other one
i may try purchasing a one month sub to see if it will work on my new account.

yup. i changed to my own personal gmail. annoyed i lost $80 though.
guess ill buy the 6 month until august 2019 when they yearly sub runs out and i can buy the yearly again for the new account. thank you. i hope it works!

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We can fix this, don’t worry :)

PM me the following information;

  • Display name & callsign for the old account

  • Display name & callsign for the new account (new email)

  • Purchase receipt.