Subscription help again

Does the sub renew at the time u bought it? ._.

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yeah the day you bought it

so if you got it June 9th then it would renew today

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Im not sure about all the subscriptions but Ik that the 1 year does not auto renew, always double check because I can’t be 100% sure! I recomend contacting a mod or someone more informed than me.

Ok do they know what time i bought it?

click the account in IF and it says when you bought it

yes they do you should be able to see by pressing on your account and it will say what day it will be renewed (for 1 month subscription).

ive done 1 month but this time im doing 6 month

@moderators help?

change the topic to #support

Im not sure about the 6th month but the 1 year sub does not auto renew.

Are you trying to switch your current sub plan? If so, which platform are you on (apple or Android)?

Apple. I just needa know if it renews at the time i bought it!

Yes. Yes it should
As long as you have recurring payments active

Yes it renews itself unless you canceled it in the App store or don’t have enough money on your payment option

Is there any questions that are still in need of answering?

  1. Subscriptions always renew automatically. It’s their default setting. That’s the whole point with a subscription :)

  2. They renew when the previous one expires, on the minute. Google can however charge you up to 24hrs ahead of renewal.

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