Subscription gone after android update 19.2.2

Hi, as the title sugests, just a couple hours ago there was a new 19.2.2 update on Playstore following the recent 19.2 update. So I updated.

When I opened IF usually it should detect my device belonging to account name CaptainJJ. But it didn’t, so now I’m left with a non-pro homepage. (Hope I’m writing this clearly).

I’ve checked Playstore and my IF pro subscription is valid until August 5th.

Your help will be greatly appreciated, thanking you for your time. Cheers!


Hello! Usually a device restart should solve this. So start with that and we’ll take it from there :)


Same here, glad I’m not alone

Please try what I suggested at first. Thanks!


The same thing happens to me, I tried to restart the application and it’s still the same. iOS and Android.

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Same here I only brought the subscription yesterday

Hi Schyllberg! :) Thanks for your prompt reply! (Its 3:30 am at my location haha).

I’ve restarted, it didn’t automatically detect my device so I proceeded in logging in through Google - found my account!

Now I’m logged in proper as CaptainJJ.

But theres a text box saying “No Active Subscription Found” (I’m actually subscribed until August 5th).

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Okay. We’re looking at it right now. Sorry about this!


Yea, I have tryed the restart and it´s deffenetly not you!
All of you have a nice evening and good luck with solving the issue!

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No worries mate :) Thank you! Please take your time (I’m not supposed to be still up at this time anyway but the XCub was calling my name)
and thanks for your support!

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@Gil_S - are your subscription running through Play Store or App Store?

And can some of you experiencing this issue, please let us know what your last known callsign + display name is please. Thanks!

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Have the same problem ^^…
I just post a topic (now closed) with all details

Callsign n17xc display name chris

IFATC FlyingPencil

Indonesia 1907 Heavy

Not working at all, getting an error message, I have a subscription


virgin 358 heavy

Thanks! That’s all i need for now :)

It seems like there’s an issue on Google’s side with subscription verification, we’re looking for more information.


happened this with me 2 times already, at first my money came back and now it happened again and the money did not come back, until device reboot and nothing to solve.


TAM 1076

Grade 3

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