Subscription given by Infinite Flight

Hi guys,

A few months ago Infinite Flight extended my subscription for a few months as I was helping to tackle a bug. The subscription ends today and I want to buy a year subscription, but I can’t do it as I get the notification that my subscription was bought outside of the Google play store.

Any thoughts on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,
Eric Welling

Are you trying to renew your subscription or buy a new one?

If you are trying to buy a new one, Infinite Flight have removed the option to purchase six month and one year subscriptions in-app now, and only the one month option is available, so this could be the issue?

I don’t think that is the issue, when I tap “Manage Subscription” I get the notification.

If the staff steam of infinite flight extended the subscription themselves, I believe it’d be best to reach out to one of the staff members through DM and let them know of this problem.

I doubt majority of us can really help you with the problem, unless but some chance there’s somebody who’s experienced this


The best thing to do here is just to let the sub expire and then purchase a “real” subscription once that has happened. I can see the subscription has now expired on our end, so if that isn’t showing in-app just try closing the app completely (ie swipe up on it from the app switcher) and then you should be able to purchase a subscription.

Feel free to DM me if you have any further issues.