Subscription getting a small extension

Hello guys, so two days ago I stopped my radar training due to my subscription expiring on November 3rd. I wake up today prepared to delete Infinite Flight until I get a subscription, and the live sections are still unlocked. I then went to check my subscription, and now it says November 5th. Is there something going on?

Maybe it’s a bug, enjoy your free 2 days😁

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I mean, sure? Just a little confused

I’ll open as many busy airports as I can before it gets cut off I guess. 😎

Looks like this is the real issue we have here.

Just kidding… Or was I?


I’ve been apart of IFATC for about 145 days now. So close to half a year. I can handle traffic ;)

Not a bug it’s more of a grace period allowing around 3 days for you to get some money to buy a new sub


Oh, never knew that. Thanks!

why dont you renew your sub. End of all problems

It’s quite expensive for some, not everyone has the luxury to purchase pro every month 😁

fortunately I took a yearly when the prices dropped by a big margin

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You trying to pay for it? Okay then 😂