Subscription Errors

So lately I just renewed my Infinite Flight Subscription. But i think what happened is that i subscribed on the default account, as in the revert to default account, not my IFC account, and now Im stuck since every time i try to connect to my IFC account i cant, it said the account you tried to sign in to is already in use. So being logical I just switched to my IFC account on the app.The thing is that after i logged in, it said i have to subscribe since i wasnt a pro user. Wanting to subscribe again it said on the google play that Error, you have already subscribed.


If you’ve recently purchased a subscription and it’s inadvertently been applied to the wrong account, please get back to us with the following information:

  • Callsign & username (if applicable) for the wrong account on which the subscription has been applied to.
  • Callsign & username (if applicable) for the account that you wish the subscription to be applied to.

Once we have that information, we can transfer the subscription and any stats you might have accumulated on the wrong account, to the correct one.

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Hello, thanks for helping. the callsign for the wrong account is currently N97YR. But its not a linked account to facebook/google/ifc so it doesn’t have a username. For eg, if i am logged in to my IFC account, and if i go to the switch account page and there’s 3 login options, IFC, google and facebook, its the bottom right that says “Revert to default account” is where i have my current subscription. The account I want to use has a callsign of Emirates 415 Heavy, and the IFC account Username is IFC-K4MALAR3

Thank you!

I have now transferred the subscription to the correct account.
Just make sure to restart the app and you should be good to go :)

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I just opened it and it worked. Thanks man! Appreciate your help.

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