Subscription Error

I just purchased a one month sub for online and my bank & iTunes account was charged but there is no active subscription on my infinite flight account. If anyone know ps a fix for that I would appreciate it.

I’m returning to infinite flight after a bit of a break, I know how this community is about new topics (I searched for similar problems but I wasn’t successful) so sorry if this inconveniences anyone. Thanks

Check the #support FAQ. A possible solution related to your problem can be found there.

Looks like I had an error a lot of people had. It signed me into a random grade 1 account with my subscription but my original account still doesn’t have one. It looks like schyllberg switches account subscriptions for most people but I’m not sure if he still does.

@schyllberg will be able to transfer your subscription over. Simply wait until he contacts you either here or via PM.

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Fixed via email :)