Subscription error

Hello. I have a subscription error. Every time I want to buy it, it tells me a error. If I click on select it kicks me out.

Hello, and welcome to the forum!
Which device are you using?

I am using an iPhone 6S Plus.

I’ve had this before, I was able to fix the issue by removing my payment method from my iTunes account, uninstall the app, re-set a payment method and then re-install

That did not work, sorry.

Did you do download it directly from the app store?

Yes. I did download it from App Store.

Are you on the latest ios version?

Yes. 12.1.4

So can anyone help?

Go to Settings on your iOS device, then “Screen time” —> Content & Privacy restrictions —> iTunes & App Store purchases. Do we have anything turned on there perhaps?


Thank you so much!!! @schyllberg I can buy it now! :D


Have fun! :)

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