Subscription error

Hello. Last month i had subscription problems where my subscription was moved into a new account which wasn’t mine. It was fixed, but it has happened again just a few mins ago. Please assist.
My user name is Ryan Blade R Nkomo
Current callsign is Bee Line 415
XP is 70 669
Flight time is 104h20mn
Grade 3
Online flights @ 126

The other account where my subscription went is User-43131

Please help

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Can you send a photo?

Can you help @Chris_S


And can you help @schyllberg

Do you have another email?

I think you mean Apple ID or the Android equivalent, but let’s leave this to the mods as they have much more experience with situations like this.

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And what devise do you have?

But we leave this to mods i wish they can help you and i hope the best

Samsung J7 Prime

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This seems to be recurring on Android… weird. Need to investigate that.

Your account will be corrected within 5 minutes, @Ryan_Blade_R_Nkomo

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Thank you!

Accounts merged!
Just restart your app and sign in to your primary account and you’re good to go :)

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Thank you sir! Much appreciated

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