Subscription error

Hey guys I need some help from you . I have infinite flight and this is my information about itOS)Android device
(Device name)Asus zenfone 2e
(Infinite flight version)16.3.0…I was told I need gls 3 and higher and and he said my phone is not compatible so what do I do from here.

That means your device is not compatible…



Thank you for contacting support. Unfortunately, your device is not compatible with any game version higher than 16.13.0, that means you can no longer purchase Live or Live+. For more information, please visit this thread.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Ok so since my phone it hasn’t offered an update yet then what do I do?

You must carry on using the existing one as this won’t change unlesss you get a new device which is supported.

It’s unfortunate but for the most part it’s necessary to ensure that IF can be greatly improved in the future and most applications will do similar.

You either have a choice of getting a new device, or play on solo for the old IF versions.

I would recommend that you save up for a new device, you won’t regret using Infinite flight Global.

Oh okay I fully understand…but can u just give me some info on devices that can support it so I can get involved with global flying…it is a passion honestly

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Thiso thread should help you.