Subscription error

Hey guys,

Today I renewed my 1 month live subscription, after the payment was done, the game said I don’t have a live subscription

My money has gone and I have got an confirmation email from google play.

Could someone suggest what should I do

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So you tried “I already have a subscription”

Or it was something like that

I did that…it said contacting server then said logging in and then it said that I don’t have a live subscription

Hi @Milen_Jacob

In the first instance, try delete and then reinstall the app before pressing on the ‘I already have a subscription’ tab.

Also, can you supply some technical specs and OS versions, it may help, however I am confident that if you have done the above, it’ll work.

All the best,

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Thank you for helping me, I’ll reinstall the app and get back to you.

Also my device is a HUAWEI Honor 8, Android 7, 4 GB

I just reinstalled the app… but still it says I don’t have a subscription

@Tyler_Shelton may be able to assist further in this instance.

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Roger…Thank you for your assistance


We appreciate your business and apologize for the inconvenience. I double checked your payment via GooglePlay and the charge did in fact begin processing though it didn’t quite make it to your Infinite Flight account for some reason.

I’ve manually added your month of Live and you’re all set. Thanks for the patience!