Subscription error 5

Hello everyone, I have a subscription problem,
I have purchased a subscription for the game. I then connected it to my own IFS Community account. (I bought the subscription in default account thinking that I was already logged into my IFC account)
Then i received a message error saying that the account is already linked with another IF Pro Subscription. (error code 5)

Device: Samsung Galaxy S8
Operating system:Android 9

The default account:

My user account:

What happens when i try to connect:

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I would recommend PMing @schyllberg as this has sensitive info about your payment.

Have a good day/night

Click Switch Account, it will make you login with your IFC account and it will transfer your membership.

Tried this too, but only the account switched, not the membership. But a curious thing happens: When i click to buy the subscription in my acc, its says that i already have the signature, and a error saying purchased failed appears!

Its says: You are already a subscriber to Infinite flight Pro (1 Month) (Infinite Flight Simulator). Manage subscriptions


Restart the app and it should be ok now :)
The accounts have been merged.

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