Subscription during open beta

Hello my friends. So my subscription has ended today. I am deciding to extend it but I am in the 21.1 beta. So if I extend the subscription will that sub be visible when 21.1 is released or would i have to resubscribe?

Depends if you are on apple or android.

If you are on apple you need to install the app store version in order to extend your sub.(So 20.3)

If you are on android, you can purchase the sub in the beta as normal.

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You can extend the subscription on Android, but on Apple, you’d need to get out of beta, install the original 20.3 app version and extend it from there.

Ok so I am on IOS so i would have to wait?

Ah ok thank you!

No, if you go to the app store, search infinite flight and then click the cloud icon. Your app should revert back to 20.3

If you have auto-renew turned on, it should do it by itself:

Turns out I do not have auto renew on.

Therefore if you have IOS, reinstall v20.3 from the App Store, buy the sub, then reinstall the beta version from TestFlight.

Gotchya. But would it say that the beta has capped??

That’s only if you leave the beta - if you just uninstall the beta version of the app - then you will stay signed up to the beta.

Thank you very much!!

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