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I have a strange subscription going on right now. I was switching my Apple ID region between Canada and China recently for business. However, what happened today was that I think I might had a duplicated subscription, in May this year I subscribed to a year Pro subscription while my device Apple ID region is in China and the next payment for this subscription should be on May 5, 2022. Today due to some things going on at the bank I have to switch my Apple ID region to Canada, but when I do so, I see that my subscription for the Infinite Flight Pro expired when checking the subscriptions on my Apple ID, so I did not think too much and pressed the year subscription. Then it shows me that my subscription will renew on Dec 18, 2022, at this moment I realized I probably made a duplicate subscription. Right now if I check my Apple ID subscriptions with region on Canada, it shows it will renew on Dec 18, 2022 and if I check with region on China it shows it will renew on May 5, 2022. So I wonder if I can get a refund for the fee I paid today, cause right now it seems like I paid the amount for a year but only got a 7 months extenstion.

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I think this would be best in the support category

Unfortunately I have no idea on how to help you on this matter.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I see one of the IFATC Officer has already changed the category to Support. :D

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Unfortunately we are not able to provide refunds for purchases made through App Store on iOS.
Apple handles all of this themselves with them being the origin of the purchase, and you’ll need to contact them for assistance with this.


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Copy that I’ll contact Apple for that then. Thanks for the reply

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