Subscription down? Try a Solo Flight with fog

  1. So while my subscription was down I flew a solo flight with fog just like the good old days a long time ago. Grateful that a year or so ago IF said they are reworking the weather! Hopefully we will see it soon!

  2. My flight info: Aspen to Denver on the Solo Flights. Visibility < 1k. Added quite a bit of turbulence. And a steady 10 kt wind with A 25k gust. In the last photo if you look hard enough you will see the runway through the fog on my approach to Denver.


Great ideas when fog doesn’t seem to render in online, and remember next time not to have the hud visible! :)

Make sure to take pictures in replays to give best results. Follow rules also… 😉. Great Job! :)

Lucky you I can’t even play solo.
Installation error it says.

Jeez. That would be very upsetting. This simulator is very important to me. Sorry!

it will be fixed soon hopefully.

By the way nice photos 👍

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I will next time. Thanks