Subscription Confirmation

I have a subscription but cannot link my iPad device to connect. I get the following prompt message: “No subscriptions were found on your account, visit the account page to sign up”.


Hello! Are you sure you are using the correct email/account? If you already are using the correct account I would restart your device and try logging it again. If this does not work try deleting the app or check if your subcription is still active. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Did you see this @Mandela1?

That’s what’s happening to you most likely.

Samething is happening to me. I normally play infinite on my ipad and all I have is my phone so I downloaded it on my phone. I used the same email and password and it says: “No subcriptions were found on your account, vist the account page to sign up.” I’ve restarted my device and I’ve deleted and downloaded the app. Can anyone help?

@Mandela1 & @CollinFlys

Make sure your subscriptions haven’t simply expired, check your latest receipts for example.

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@schyllberg It hasn’t. I got the year subscription in November.

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What’s your callsign & display name?

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Display name is Collin Beese and callsign is Delta 854.

It’s fixed. Thank you.

Last time you had a subscription on that account was 2015, so you’re most likely signing in with the incorrect credentials.


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