Subscription Cancellation

When your membership cancels, do you loose all your progress when attempting to log in back after a year? I want to renew my membership but not aware if my grade 4 will be back as usual

No! Nothing is lost! But, if you don’t have enough landings a month for grade 4 you’ll go down to grade 3


No it doesn’t

Provided you log back in with the same details, then no.

Alright that’s really awesome

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Forgot about that, you’re right tho thanks :D was just really curious

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Mine is the same thing my subscription is on auto but I would like to move it to yearly will I lose all my progress if I cancel my subscription to move it to yearly.

Nope you will be fine!

No, as long as you log into the same account it is all saved, no matter how long or short you cancel your subscription for.

As its said the only thing you will lose will be landing the past 90 days or all the other things which are required in a period of time to have that rank.

So you might get knock down a grade but I can’t imagine for you to find it hard to get your grade back!

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