Subscription Autorenew

I decided to go onto the AppStore to look at the new description and photos for infinite flight and I noticed that there is now an “auto renew” feature which renews your subscription automatically. How do I turn this off?

Go into your Apple Store settings and disable it.


Thank you. This might be a stupid question but how do I get into the App Store settings?

Click on your profile in the upper right corner ;)


I got to that stage but I have no clue where to go after.

Click on your account > Subscriptions > Click on Infinite Flight > adjust your subscription settings accordingly


hello i have one question…we are using the previous version off IF we will be able to renew the live???/

I have no subscription tab/button to press. I’ll have a look around the settings etc.

You must have declined “auto renew” when you purchased your subscription then unless you already had a Live+ Subscription that was grandfathered into a Pro Subscription when the update was pushed.


Oh that’s what it was then. My live+ subscription was changed. Thank you anyway.


You have to go into your App Store and login. Go to the section that says subscriptions, once you are there you will either see Infinite Flight or not. If you don’t see it there then your subscription is not set to “auto renew” therefore you will have to renew manually when prompted.