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I just paid the $9.99 !!and still saying i need subscription?? Why

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Reboot your device and try again. If it asks again there should be a link that says “I already have a subscription”. Click on that.


This happens sometimes. Press “I already have a subscription” and it should work :)

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Thanks for your response
I did couple times but its not doing anything

Are you using the iOS or the Android version? And how did you login? With a google or a Facebook account?

A screen shot of what you are seeing would be helpful.


Infinite Flight has an initial purchase for the app. This initial purchase was what you made through your app store. Whether it be the App Store for iOS or the Play Store for Google.

If you wish to fly on the multiplayer servers an additional payment will need to be made for the subscription to those servers. See those costs below.

Here is a currency converter for quick conversions. Currency Converter

I believe the OP is saying they paid for the one month subscription, but it isn’t letting them in. I could be wrong though, as currency is different in different places.

Ensure that you are logged in to the correct account.

Hope this helps,

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I am rly not fine because i paid on time for subscribtion but than you just took my money for another month but i don‘t want that and now i lost 10.50 more pls help me that‘s not fair and that‘s

If you have a support issue, please make your own thread and not hijack another users support topic.

Subscriptions are auto-renew unless changed by the user with their respective app store.


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