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Hey team, sorry if I’m posting this question in the wrong channel:
Atm I’m thinking of extending my pro subscription for 1 year. But I’m a little bit concerned how violations and banning from servers are treated. If I (hopefully I won’t ;)) get 5 lvl 2/3 vioalations within a year I’ll get banned from the expert server and have to wait for a whole year to get access again: does it mean, that I pay a lot of money for being unable to play on expert server anymore?
In this case, will it then be possible to unsubscribe and get a refund?
As I said: hope that won’t ever be happen :)
Thx for your reply.


Hey there! If you do indeed get banned from the expert server you do have to wait the full year for them to expire to regain access. The reason this is in place is so the expert server can be an expert environment. If you wish to cancel your subscription in the future follow the steps below that apply to your device. I highly suggest so you will not run into any violations on the expert server to utilize the #tutorials category as well as the official Infinite Flight YouTube which has some amazing tutorials.

To cancel a sub:

Android - Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play - Android - Google Play Help

IOS/Apple -

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Thx for your reply. Not getting is truly my intention. I crawl most of the tutorials posted right here and on YT as well.
But my question is still open. for example: if I get banned on August and my subscription lasts 5 more months more, is it a fact, that I payed these 5 months with only being able to play on the casual and training server?

You honestly can answer that yourself

My initial comments is a bit dry sorry


Hello dear if you have level 3 vioalations that is bad but look at bright side you can keep fly on training and casual and get more flying hours and Xp .
Good luck .✌🏻

the only thing you should do is just that improve your flight skills to avoid violation

Hi, thx for ur answers. That’s a tough one. But if these are the rules, this is literally the deal.

One last thing you guys may answer me: the one year starts to count, if I collect 5 violations in total, from the first violation?

If you get 5 Reports within a 12 month period then the 1 year ban from the expert server starts at the time of the fifth report. However you will still have full access to both of the other services.

If you do get one report then take the time to work out why you got the report ( talk to the IFATC) study the tutorials before heading back again.

Lastly suggest that you don’t fly into a FNF controlled airport until you have had experience of IFATC at less busy times so you are happy to work with them.

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You’d really have to purposefully go out of your way to be banned.

Trust me; the only thing you have to do is do what ATC says. As mentioned above, perhaps don’t start with airports with 200+ arrivals as IFATC may be more strict :) If you don’t know or understand what the controller says, if you have another device search it up or simply ask us. To avoid that, watch tutorials from Infinite Flight’s channel. I have been flying expert for some time now, I haven’t got any Level 2/3 violations. If you know what you are doing, I would say there is no chance you will get 5 Level 2/3 violations a year.


Sure, I haven’t started Expert yet. I’ll do my best: but I don’t really know when the best time is to do the next step… somehow. I mean that isn’t strictly bound to the next grade.

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Thx man, yeah that’s what I’m doing right now: getting all the information possible and train all day long. But as always: some ATC commands and specific procedures are hard to find out. Especially level 2 violation stuff: climb / decent ATC stuff…

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Most of the ATC commands such as fly a heading or ‘climb to’ or ‘descend to’are pretty straight forward and it’s a case of following the instructions.

Would suggest following: first couple of flights on Expert, avoid ATC and fly just Unicom to Unicom airfields so that you get comfortable with the environment. Even just spawn at a busy, but uncontrolled airfield and just listen to the other pilots use Unicom so that you are happy how it works and when you should use it.

Next try spawn in to a controlled airport but just to listen again to the ATC traffic flow.

Then try a flight ( non FNF) from a controlled airport to one which is say an hours flight away so that you can experience the ATC. Then before a FNF try a flight from about an hour away from a controlled field

When you feel comfortable with ATC and other users on expert then give FNF a go!

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Good idea mate. I’ll do it exactly this way. Thx.

Not sure if I misunderstood you here.
But it counts from the 1st (oldest one). When the oldest of the 5 you may have received during the last 12-month period becomes older than 12 months, you have Expert Server access again.

Simply, you can’t have more than 5 within a 12-month rolling period.


Yes that’s what I meant to say! 😀

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