Subscription across iOS and Android

I am an Android user, but this game crashes a lot on me if I switch between it and other apps. I have no idea if this is a bug others have, or that just i have, and I know devs concentrate more on adding features than fixing bugs. It seems more related to being in Live mode than Solo, but I’m not sure. The device I have is Android 4.4. -'m considering getting an iPad to play this on as the comments in this community seem to indicate it is more stable on iOS. Will my Live subscription be accessible from that platform without additional costs? Are there any additional app costs if I am not purchasing individual planes and regions?

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you should be able to restore purchase on ipad i think all you have to do is sign in and then its saved on the ipad

Untrue, bugs are actively squashed by the dev team! Open a bug report in the #bugs category (following the guidelines pinned) and it will be looked into eventually. App switching is tough though, since there’s constant loading/unloading of stuff into the memory from both IF and other apps; the Android system is more likely to kill the Infinite Flight process.

But to answer your original questions, subscriptions work across platforms as long as you sign in with the same Facebook or Google account :)

Thanks. It happens a lot, but I can’t reproduce it on demand. I understand there are things that are device and OS version specific, so I’ve hesitated to post this in Bugs since I cannot provide a lot of detail about the cause, just a gut feel that things are more unstable after I started to fly in Live, and even more so when I started to flip between IF and ValXp’s IF Live Tracker app. My device, a tablet, is quite powerful, but will not receive an upgrade past Android 4.4. I think that 4.x is still a sizeable portion–1/3?–of the devices though. My understanding is also that the Google app developer dashboard automatically shows devs a lot of detail about when their app is crashing, so I figured it would be redundant to post in Bugs.