Subscribed but fly offline

Does anyone else do this for practice or device reasons etc ? I practice a lot of take offs flight plans & landing offline.


Nope actually not. Because on solo you can’t get any stats and won’t see any plane or atc

But when I do some shenanigans like land an Ryanair on lukla with 100 knots wind, then yes


Sometimes I fly solo to train with war jets, I try a low pass with 420GS and no one can tell me what are you doing because they won’t have a pilot to reach (I’ll put my nose to the ground at the runway)


Definitely yes.

The perks for flying in solo are: immediate placement for takeoff, and short final, as well as 5x time acceleration.

These are invaluable not only for repetitive landing practice (to master crosswind landings, getting fluent in an unfamiliar aircraft’s handling, and closing in on skill in greasing/buttering landings in general). And I’ve used 5x on many occasions to test ils approaches, or to ascend to flight levels to test aircraft sensitivities to speed, load and altitude, and to study best practice for using APPR.

So offline is invaluable. Of course, you don’t get XP and landing credit like @Lufthansa1 mentioned, but then that would be too easy might it not?

And as for:

Yes, I can identify with that too.


I do it for testing purposes because I can modify weights mid air and use 5x.


Offline mode gives you a sandbox-approach where you can make your own training sessions, try a new aircraft, play around with effect of wind, lots of possibilities

  • Offline is great for getting the muscle memory for landing when you farm short final landings

  • It’s also great for practicing take-offs with a crosswind. A great practice session to try is progressively increasing the crosswind at the takeoff position (start with 2-3kts, and go up in 2-3 kts intervals). Eventually this will help you learn how to use the rudder better, and you can apply this when you practice crosswind landings

  • It’s a neutral environment to familiarize yourself with a STAR or SID (or any other element of an airport for that matter) especially at an airport you’ve never been to


I practice buttering the 777 in solo mode or trying to make a landing in crosswind


I use it to test certain aircraft’s in various weather conditions. Helpful when you’re trying to get familiar with a plane you don’t have much experience with.


I enjoy solo because it’s an empty environment. No need to hurry because of oncoming traffic, you can practise your landings, and flight test the aircraft to make a helpful QRH and translate that info into a successful flight.

Random screenshot.


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