Subscribe trouble

i have a trouble in my payment for subscribe.
i was pay for subscribe 1 month for IDR. 65.000,.
but i still cant login in my account for palying live. the application still show me i dont have subscribe but i was pay for the subscribe today when i was write this message.
i using google play store
please maintenance asap for this trouble cause i want play live and i was pay for that. Hope our developer fix this trouble immediately.
Thank Youe

sir. I has purchase/ pay subscribe live 1 month, but i cant login/ i cant play in multiplayer the aplication say i dont have subscribe. But actualy i was make a payment 1 hour ago and until now i cant login to live

please check again payment in data. Thank you

Sometimes a simple restart of your device will help, have you tried that?


okay i will try to restart the device. Hope its can work. I will tell you if that work or not. thank you

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Follow @schyllberg instructions. He will get you back on track and hopefully his restart suggestion handles your issue. Take care


okay sir. i will try
thank you


Dealing with it via PM.