Subscribe issue!

I have a 6 month subscription completed about 3 months ago and it will expire on 28 march 19!

But in the app I want to buy a new one!

Close the app are open it it that will work.

Are you logged on the same account that did the purchase?
Have you tried reinstallating IF or restarting your device ?
Have you got a strong connection?

And* sorry for that

Just go to online and it will find no subscription, so you can buy it there.

Edit: he wants to extend his subscription

Negative its not working!

Can you clarify what you are wanting? Are you wanting to extend it or are you saying it says you do not have an active subscription (referring to your second screen shot)?

Fast Internet phhhh i live in germany

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I do not want to extend it because I have none or I have none

Like I said above,have you tried reinstalling or restarting your device?

Oh, then just go to online flights, it will say “no subscription found” and subscribe there.

everything already done

He is not trying to buy one. The issue is that he has one and it is not showing as such. Is that correct @D-MELC?

Yes exactly

I have seen others with this problem today so it is probably something temporary.

In the mean time, try these in this order

  • Launch IF
  • Sign out
  • Reboot your device
  • Launch IF
  • Sign in again

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