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When I first started in Infinite flight I went straight to becoming a monthly subscriber, my question is do Subscribers and non subscribers interact with each other on the same servers ? I ask because I haven’t flown IF in awhile and I was grade 3 and was dropped to casual all over again, which shouldn’t be for subscribers, but that’s another subject entirely.

On casual their are the biggest morons ever and I can’t believe that these people pay a monthy or yearly subscription to act the way they do, I can’t wrap my head around it. My question is how do both models work ?

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Hey there @Capzaza For non subcribers they do not have an server or even access to the live servers at all and only solo, and the Casual server is also for subscribers and is for pilot’s that are grade one. Inorder to go back to expert serve you will need to reach grade three, and the casual server is a learning ground for pilots, and can also be used for all types of crazy even ideas.

Remember that there are people that are still learning, and Casual server is for that, to learn. So people could act less professional, because they are still learning.

Ah I see, thanks for the response.

Casual server is literally there to do whatever you want.

Well, as an example, the staff regularly organise events specifically for the Casual Server, the most popular being the “Whacky Racing” series - involving speeds and manoeuvres that most certainly would earn you a violation on the other servers!

The Casual Server is for people who are just starting out and learning the ropes of multiplayer flying. Or even for those who just want to let their hair down while flying - something similar to what the popular YouTuber Airforceproud95 does on MS Flight Simulator (if you’ve heard of him).

And no, non-subscribers only and only have access to Solo, in a small region.

Casual server can be handy if you want to practice things like multiple touch and goes (eg at Edwards AFB) without bothering others, or for exploring around 3D airports without having to contact ATC.

I used it last month to fly a C130 fast and low around Fiordland in New Zealand without getting violations.

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