Submit Questions for Newly Appointed Moderator @Damian!

Infinite Flight News will be conducting an interview with @Damian! He was recently appointed as a moderator here on the community and is ready to answer your questions. Submit yours down below and remember to be professional!

Note that this interview will closely follow our other interview with with Ewan, which will hopefully be out soon.


How do you like Moderating?

Do you like Delta?

What’s your favorite plane

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Remind me why I added you?🤔


That is a question I have wanted to know the answer to for a while


@BluePanda900 Don’t do it again…


Do what again? 😘

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Are you secretly @Danman in disguise 👀

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Can confirm, answer to that is no.


I see that you’re from Toronto. I spent two nights there in November 2017. I visited the Niagra Falls, went up the CN Tower, walked through the city and my plane arrived at Billy Bishop airport directly in the city. It’s a beautiful place and I’ll visit again for sure.

So, my question:

You’ll get a red pill and a blue pill. Eat the red pill and you’ll get free coffee for the rest of your life wherever you are but you’re not allowed to step a foot into a plane anymore. Eat the blue pill and you immediately pass all flying classes and you start as a captain in your favorite airline tomorrow. However: No more coffee.

Red or blue?


As a moderator, is there ever a feeling of doubt or regret while trying to moderate? (Such as when giving out suspensions)

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Not exactly…


Ohhhh IFCI is a completely different organization!

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Being a new mod, you may not have the answers yet, but…
What is the single best and worst thing about being a moderator on the IFC?

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Hmmmm let me think…

Got one; What’s your favourite part about the city? (That being Toronto). One of my favourites is being at the top of the CN Tower watching aircraft depart/ land at CYTZ😄.

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  • What has been one of your biggest challenges in flight training so far?
  • What have you enjoyed most since your training began?
  • Any tips/advice to those looking to pursue their dreams of getting their private pilot certificate?

Bonus: Define 🍦(the icecream cone). 😏


What are the differences between the way moderators see the forum vs the way members do?

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As a moderator what changes are you looking to make?
Do you get along with all IFVARB and IF staff and admins?
Do you have a pilots license?
What was your reaction when you were told you were becoming mod?
Do you like Wendy’s?
Will you be at Oshkosh at the event what’s in 2019?

Yeah, there’s IFN and IFCI. IFN is this, which is more based around news, and interviews. IFCI is entirely based on interviews. There’s no hard feelings or competition. Although IFN gets more attention than us, that’s nothing. Begins crying

My question is, how does it feel to go from getting only IFVARB questions everyday, to having to deal with, well, everything on the IFC?

  1. How is flight training going?
  2. When will you finally become IFATC 😡? I know you’re ready
  3. How amazing am I in IFVARB Admins channel?
  4. When will Tom get banned from IFATC for not changing his name and making too many crash cakes?
  5. How is mod life?
  6. What do you do outside of the forum and IF altogether?

You’re better than Ewan, so you don’t get 50 questions :)


This thread will close tomorrow. If you have any dying questions about Damian, ask them now!