Submit questions for interview with IFC Regular Starley

I know what starley would pick lol

The answer to @GolferRyan ‘s question vs bombardier and embraer

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What was your longest flight ever on Infinite Flight? What about in real life?

How has the experience as a Regular been on here? What is your most favorite way of contributing on the Forum and Infinite Flight? Out of everyone on this community, who has inspired you the most to be such a role model on the community and how has that individual inspired you?

If I may add, Starley, you have done a load on here when it comes to helping other’s and it is truly appreciated by all. As a great man once told me, Stay Humble! And Stay Hungry!


Where did the name ‘Starley’ originate?

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What’s your favourite airport?

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  • Did Buffon deserve to be sent off with a red card in his last CL match during the recent match between Juve and Real Madrid?

  • Which airport do you most often grease landings?


Favourite type of mongoose

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Hi go edit airports or something instead of a cliche


What’s your favorite moment while being a member in here? 😊

Imagine you were a cowboy:

Would you prefer to ride a horse, or to fly a Cessna Skyhawk? Don’t forget: You still have to fight the bandits and a Cessna is not equipped with weapons.

Can a mod close this thread

Who do you look up to here on the forum? Whats your thoughts on JackBot?

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