Submit questions for interview with IFC Regular and United VA CEO Jake

That time again IFC interviews is back with another interview so submit your questions and @jakevaz423 will answer
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If you could make any Airline, what would the name be, and 3 Aircraft that would be in service.

What do yu think about the New Mexico Airport? (NAICM)

If you were offered to be the CEO of the real world United Airlines, would you take the job? If so, what would you change? If not, why?


How hard do you find allocating time for Infinite Flight and Community?

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Congratulations on being interviewed!

What is it like to be the CEO of one of the biggest VAs on IF?

How did you find out about Infinite Flight?

What hobbies do you have outside of it?

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What is unique about your VA and special about it?

  • Were your inspirations for creating United Virtual based off your real world aviation love for United Airlines?

  • In what ways has the role of CEO shaped you as a person to fellow colleagues and friends?

  • What do you do for a living?

  • What college did you attend and what did you major in?


What is your second favorite airline (we know the first 😉)?

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Would you rather land in a crosswind 18 kt with 25 kt gusts without turbulence or a 5 kt crosswind with heavy turbulence? On IF of course. 🙂


I’m loving the questions so far. Keep em coming! :)


What inspired you to form TSATC?


What is your favorite position to play? (Football / Soccer)

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KEWR or KLAX? Tricky UVA question :P


How have you changed as a person by being on the IFC?

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I’ve never played soccer. And I never will. Honestly, I find it pretty boring. That’s why a play golf. Much more exciting. 😉

Yes I know most people say that golf isn’t exciting. It’s a joke. You can laugh.

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What is one airport you’ve always wanted to visit that you never have? Infinite Flight and real world.

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🤨 Why did I think you did… new question.

What is your favorite band?


What future United Airlines route would you like to see? What aircraft would operate it?

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Why is your VA so bad? sike jk (I absolutely love it)

My question: Why is United your favourite airline? Why not others such as Delta, B6, etc?

If you had a chance to be the CEO of UA and have a lifetime budget of only $1,000,000, or earn $500 every hour and work as an ordinary janitor, what would you choose?

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