Submit Questions for Interview of @Kevin_Potthast

Here comes the long awaited interview of @Kevin_Potthast on behalf of IFI! This is my first interview, so I’ll try my best Kevin. Please submit your questions by Sunday, November 25 at 1600Z for your questions to be considered. Thank you guys a lot and I’ll see you curious individuals soon!


Why do you like BA (and BAVA) so much? (Idk, lol)

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Who is Kevin potthast?


How’s the life in IFAE? (I also joined in at the age of 13)


If you don’t have a clue who I am, read my bio.


Hows life in IFATC?

Favorite part of IFC? Least Favorite Part?

What would you want added to Infinite Flight next?

What do you wish that we had more of in Infinite Flight?

Hows your relationship status with that unicorn of Misha’s?!?! (Didnt you have a crush on it?)

Do you love me?!?!

Why British VA?

Thoughts on the Boeing 747 Dreamlifter?

Thoughts on me.

Is your name on IFC your real name?

Whats your favorite meal? Sushi Thoughts?

What got you into IF?

What do you think is the best feature in Infinite Flight? Worst Feature?

Where’s Rachael (Scooby Doo!) - My quote things :D

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Still a no-one. Bio doesn’t help

What is the best VA? (hint hint hint hint hint hint hint)


Just joking mate :) !

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That ^ and
What motivates you to act so professional on the forums and slack given your younger age?

Why do you abandon me everytime you come in on something with me?

What keeps you active or pulling to the community and the game?

Awesome questions guys and gals! Keep em coming!

Do you think Australia or New Zealand is better?

I understand that none of the questions here have been on this topic, but lets try to stay away from political questions, as that can be a touchy topic depending on who it is.

How much falling British Pounds did you pay to MishaCampy for the BAVA advert on LF Insta?
How likely is it for you to interview Dush on IFN again
How is it to put up with IFNMICHEAL and Thomas in IFN everyday?
What do you think about the competition between IFI and IFN-Interviews? Have you guys lost traction?
Does @ThomasR do anything in IFN besides stalking me on Insta?


Keep the questions coming people! There’s a lot of upcoming interviews!