Submit Questions For IFI Owner @Rowdy_Kepler

IFI has finally decided to have an interviewer with the guy who started it all. @Rowdy_Kepler! Submit questions below and expect the interview to come out by Wednsday! Enjoy!
Boeing747-8, IFI Interviewer/Editor


Why did you decide to start IFI?

Who is your favorite interviewer?

What is your favorite holiday?

Favorite news channel?

Favorite/least favorite thing on the IFC and IF?


Folks come on now. There is funny and then there’s ridiculous. Keep it clean, cordial and if you don’t have decent questions just move along. We aren’t going to babysit 50 flags here. Cheers, Levet


Oh and what are your thoughts on global?

Why do you enjoy DJ’ing and is it your dream to be successful at it? Also are there any other careers or jobs you would like other than that?


Great questions guys keep them Coming!

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