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@VAnuj’s IFCI Question Thread

Hello, and welcome to the official IFCI question thread for our latest interview. Continue reading to find out more about our subject and how you should ask your question(s). To produce interviews, we need your help in submitting questions that you , the community members, would like to see answered.

Our current subject to hell is from Chicago, Loves Kpop (Forever Young though) and loves Chicken Nuggets. So ask any questions you like, but please keep in mind.

– Please keep questions on topic, appropriate, and kind. Thanks!
– Have fun! Ask questions that interest you! Make it worth everyone’s time.

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Here’s my questions Not one that I alwasy ask
What is your favorite Kpop Group or star. And what is your favorite Kpop song?


I got one:
How did you find this awesome community? (Or how did it find You?)


@VAnuj - How do you feel about Ariana Grande?


Explain your username 😜


Here are my questions for you :)

  • For how long time have you been listening to K-Pop?

  • What is your favorite part of K-Pop (Song, Dance, Fandom, etc…)

  • Who was the first K-Pop Group/Korean Solo Artist that you listened to?

  • How did you get introduced to K-Pop

  • What other Music Genres outside K-Pop do you listen to?

  • Have you ever been to Korea, If not, then would you like to?


What steps do you take to prepare for a flight in IF? Are you worried more about realism or gaining XP from a flight?


What is one thing that you would like added in infinite flight ?

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Three things, what’s your favorite part about outback IFEP, IFGAC, and iFC.

side question about IFEP, who is your favorite FI?

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Have you ever wanted to deliver any other aircraft apart from the 738?

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Do you like Cities: Skylines?


Good question!

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I’m gonna steal @Connor’s normal question and say:
How has the IFC changed you as a person?

  1. Do you know who I am?
  2. What’s your favorite movie?
  3. What or who is your inspiration?
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How did you find Infinite Flight originally

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Do you like McNuggets?


How are you so good at making awesome Fly-Out events?

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Awww thanks

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You live in Raleigh, but your favourite airport is Cancun. Is there any particular reason that it’s your favourite?

PS The cake, donut and cookie were very nice… Homemade?


trying to think of a question If the only airport you are allowed to fly to IRL was KLGA, what would you do and why?

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