Submit Questions for IFCI Interview with @Thomas_G!

Submit Questions for @Thomas_G’s IFCI Interview

Hello, and welcome to the official IFCI question thread for our latest interview. Continue reading to find out more about our subject and how you should ask your question(s). To produce interviews, we need your help in submitting questions that you , the community members, would like to see answered.

Our current subject, Thomas, has been said to be one of the most helpful members of the community and is an IFVARB Board Member.

So, fire away with questions for @Thomas_G, but please keep in mind the following:

– Please keep questions on topic, appropriate, and kind. Thanks!
– Have fun! Ask questions that interest you! Make it worth everyone’s time.

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Hey @Thomas_G!

What is your favourite Infinite Flight Screen Shot (you have taken)? You seem to be pretty good at them 😉


How happy will you be if an Aegean livery is added?


What is your favorite aircraft and do you wish that they add the complexity of the CRJ Series to other models (real windows, cabin etc.)?

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What got you into If?


Hey Thomas!

  1. What got you interested in ATC, and what inspired you to join IFATC? Who were the most helpful people along your way there?
  2. Who are you most thankful for in the community? What goal do you aspire to reach within IF and the community?
  3. What is the feature you’d want to see most in IF in the near future?
  4. What’s something you’d like to tell everyone in the community?

I’ve left some of the questions intentionally quite vague so you have some fun answering them ;)

– Jakub

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What was your most treasured moment in IF or IFC?

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Hmm hello there.

  1. Why do you have to support Olympiacos?
  2. Will we see an Aegean Airlines livery in IF before the year 2030?
    If no, is 2040 reasonable?
  3. Stefanos Tsitsipas or Giannis Antentokounmpo?
  4. Apart from my excellent CEO skills of course, what got you excited about IF? (probably the only proper question here tbh)
  5. You Olympiacos fans still hurtin’ from all those defeats to AEK?
  6. When will you finally go pro in basketball?
  7. Who’s better at ATC you or me?

Don’t mind the insiders guys lol.

@Thomas_G I’m waiting 😉


Great questions until now guys. I will make sure I’ll answer as many as I can. Lets get the questions going! 😁

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Hey Thomas,

  1. How is like being an IFATC member and could you describe your IFATC jurney?
  2. How is like to be a regular in the community?
  3. Do you like the fact that you are a VARB board member?
  • Thorge
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Is basketball a big thing in Greece? How?

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What is your favourite part about controlling?

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Here are my questions :P

  • What’s the best place to visit in Greece?
  • Do you like Greek Mythology?
  • What is the most challenging part about being IFATC?
  • Do you like the essay’s I write on IFC 😎?
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Hey, Thomas!
Olympiacos or PAOK?