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Hello, and welcome to the official IFCI question thread for our latest interview. Continue reading to find out more about our subject and how you should ask your question(s). To produce interviews, we need your help in submitting questions that you , the community members, would like to see answered.

So, fire away with questions for @Delta319, but please keep in mind the following:

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– Have fun! Ask questions that interest you! Make it worth everyone’s time.

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Also yes, I know its a retro look. But we’ll be making something shortly!


When will you learn to fly by hand, and not use the AP/APPR function all the time?


If the Delta Air Lines A319 never existed, what would you do and why?


If you could add one livery to the 737 what would it be
If you could add one livery to the A320 what would it be

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Have you actually flown on a Delta A319? If so, what route?


What is your favorite aircraft / route to fly in IF?

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call back once you have legitimate terrain. thank you and have a nice day


Biggest Delta plane you’ve flown on?

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What baseball club do you support? Other than Red Sox?

What do you think about the A220 taking over the A319’s role and why
If you could have 5 airports featured on the AtC schedule and then Fully staffed for 24 hours, which airports would they be and what day would you have them featured? Also (Of course) Why?
If you could have one plane added or reworked, which plane and why?

Do you like the bruins? If so we have issues… :)
Go Rangers!!!

Just kidding my real question is, when you join UPS, JetBlue or Delta, what aircraft would you like to be certified for?

Why the A319 and not any other A320 series aircraft, airbus aircraft, or any other aircraft for that matter?

Have you ever flown to/through ATL? If so, how was your experience?

Also: 27WS

I don’t like the Yankees but I hate Boston more ;)

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do you want me to show you the picture i showed @sebastian9915? i’d be glad to

I choose life

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