Submit Questions for IFCI Interview with Laura!

What did you do before starting FDS?

How did you get into software (game) development?

How many mandays of work went into the very first release of Infinite Flight?

How was the idea of Live game play born?

How does it feel, to practipate in live gameplay, considering you had such a big part in putting this together? When you fly, do you see subroutines racing past, or are you just enjoying the views?

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What parts of infinte flight do you think you achieved the most creating?

Do you ever look back and think wow look what I have accomplished? I certainly think that about you with all that’s been accomplished with IF and it’s truly inspiring.

Hmm, How is it like to be at the top of this “world” you have created? With all these groups and VAs?

What VA’s would you join?


If you could pick one thing in your past of developing IF, and you could alter that so the simulator now would be radically different, what would it be?
And, what is one annoying limit of developing on mobile devices?


Those of you asking how she got into Infinite Flight, here is your answer:


What do your kids think about Infinite Flight? What do they wish it had?

How did things change when Mark_Denton left Infinite Flight LLC?

Hey Laura, if you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Hi Laura,

When you started developing Infinte Flight, what challenges did you meet? What problems appeared that wouldn’t go away?

On the contrary, what triumphs did you have? What were you proud of when you released it to the public?

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What is the process of developing a new aircraft from start to finish?

Looking forward to reading the interview!

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Global would be her defining answer lol

Is the Cita your ideal plane? Or would you want something different?

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What is your favorite plane to fly in Infinte Flight?

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Boeing or Airbus?

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What inspired you to create a mobile flight sim, and not one about trains or cars?

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Hey Laura! My question to you is what aircraft was in development for the longest and why?

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I think she answered this. If I can think correctly I think I may of heard her say Airbus but not 100 percent sure.

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If you could join one Virtual airline, what would it be?