Submit Questions for IFCI Interview with @Dragos & Sudafly!

Hello IFC! I’m back with the one interview that I am doing this pool, this time it is with the creators of VirtualFlight, @Dragos & @anon49271947, so submit below your weird, wacky, odd, strange questions about their personal life or their app.

IFCI Owner Connor
Thread: Infinite Flight Community Interviews 2.0 | Something New in the Air


Let’s go. Bring it on ! :)


What inspired you two to create VirtualFlight?

How has IFC changed you as a person?

  • How much debt are you in with the development of VirtualFlight?

  • What is the next big plan for VirtualFlight?

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Keep the questions coming! Would be a shame to miss this interview opportunity

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Was it difficult creating an app like VirtualLink? What difficulties did you encounter along the way?

Last chance before the questions close!

Can I say one thing. You have so many interviews yet I never actually see them come to fruition, is it that they are taking long to compose or what as it seems a wasted effort asking questions when Sam K’s isn’t even out yet.

I think you should do one at a time rather than 4 on the go.