Submit questions for IFCI interview with @Connor_Seymour

Keep the questions coming!

How is your GTA Virtual community coming along?

On a forum for flight simulators this is WIDLY off topic.

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Relax, it’s a question thread

I know I know. I’ll awnser it now. Eh

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What do you have against Pingu?

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What’s your favorite VA and why?

What is the meaning of life?

Are you ready to soon be the future CEO of Emirates Virtual?

  1. (Joint Investigation by the CIA, FBI, CBI (India) and other government agencies) How many duplicate forms did you submit to get interviewed? (just kidding)
  2. What are your non-aviation hobbies?
  3. Who’s your favourite person? (i.e. that person shaped your personality and views on various topics)

Google it, sir. It’s 42.


Good math 😂.

Anyways: What’s the main purpose you want to give out to the community about yourself.

  • Or
    How often do you spend away from the forum with family and friends

How many VAs are you a staff member in now?

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Imagine you were a penguin that is able to fly. Now imagine that you’re flying over Kenia. You spot a Lion down there who incredibly thirsty. You also spot a water hole only one mile away from the lion. Would you land and tell him, or would you just continue to fly towards your penguinhome in Lithuania?

Why are you always injured? 😂

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Only a few hours to go! Get your questions in now

If you could Interview anyone, who would you interview?

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This interview is closed! Thanks for all the submissions


Make sure you check out the main thread for IFCI!

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