Submit questions for IFCI interview with @Connor_Seymour

Alright forums, the one an only owner of IFCI @Connor_Seymour is up for an interview today! Of course, this means that you guys get to submit the questions! So come on, show me what you’ve got! Question submissions will close in 3 days and the top 10 questions will be chosen. Please no spamming of questions thanks.

May the best questions win!


How often do you annoy @schyllberg on the AKC 😉?

Where did you get the idea for IFCI?

Any advice for new VA CEOS?


How can he answer that when i’m the one getting annoyed? Lol


Well I like to think I annoy you a lot 🤷‍♀️

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Can I be the next mod? 😉

But seriously, why did you choose to take over IFCI?

I can awnser question 1. It’s not me. There’s alotta other people

Why an underscore in the name?

What is your most favorite airline in the US? The world?

How has IFCI changed when you went in?

Nicer in my opinion.

What’s the benefits of being apart of the VA’s you are apart of?

What makes IFCI unique?

What makes you to use “Chocolate” name in Discord? 😉


Controversial question, you know the rest…

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How did you find Infinite Flight and IFC?

I used google

What’s your favorite update in infinite flight

Keep the questions coming!

How is your GTA Virtual community coming along?

On a forum for flight simulators this is WIDLY off topic.

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Relax, it’s a question thread

I know I know. I’ll awnser it now. Eh

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