Submit questions for IFCI interview with @BalloonChaser

Hello all and welcome back to another interview!
This week will be featuring @BalloonChaser
Submit your questions below and the best ones will be used in the interview
The best 10 questions will be included, so ask wisely 🙂


Do you do much Balloon Chasing?

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Do you really chase balloons?


What makes you a Balloon Chaser?

Do you agree that all these balloon questions have run out of helium?


OMG, all 3 of us just asked the same this ol

Why do you like balloons? What draws you towards them?

How did you come up with the name, BalloonChaser?

Why do some people call you JackBot?

What led you into creating Aloha Virtual Airlines (fka Hawaiian Virtual Airlines)?

How much French do you speak? Because I see you and your French when you host ACVA events.

He cheats and uses Google Translate I’m pretty sure for his French.

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He’s called Jackbot because that’s what he has on his profile

What made you want to join ACVA,(Air Canada Virtual Airline) and why the Event Manager?

@SkyHighGuys Since when was VAVA dying out?? 😂

Dear sir we are not dying out. We’re growing. Plus why would that be a question for @Balloonchaser ? He doesn’t work for us.

Back on topic please
Take this to a pm if you’d like to continue

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What drew you towards joining Acva, surely your busy enough?

Why do most of your posts contain big bold letters like


Is it necessary for the extraness?


What do you enjoy about Infinite Flight and it’s community the most?

Favorite airline and favorite plane

What is it about balloon flying that you enjoy?

Why makes you obsessed with a wicker basket, a huuuuge flamethrower 1m above your head and absolutely no control?
I spend time wondering this…