Submit Questions for @ewanfleming's IFN Interview!

Added a panda airlines question, thanks for the reminder.


Very creative questions panda but I never told you to write a chapter book


I was waiting for the Panda Airlines Question. I expect PAVA to be IFVARB approved by tomorrow Ewan. Come on!

And yes, Southampton will be relegated. Southgate is better than Kane as well. Absolutely no argument Ewan.

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How many thousands of insta comments and support emails did Seb and Misha make you respond to before they allowed you to be a moderator?

How do you feel about spending an hour answering @BluePanda900’s questions?
What’s your view on American Independence?
Where did you get those slippers?
How does @Adam_Williams have complete control over you? BLINK TWICE IF IT’S BLACKMAIL
Why was @Dillon_Lewis allowed to become a board member?
How many hours of sleep do you get every night?
Didn’t you used to be a weatherman or was that someone else?

Is football coming home?


That was my decision, ta 😘

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I love the fun but if we could please remember to make the questions somewhat rooted in seriousness it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks, all.


Do you like serie A or the premier league?

Now it’s my turn…
1.What was your reaction when you here you were going to be mod?
2.How do you fell about this community’s growth?
3.Want to fly together?
4.How did you find out about IF?
5.Is it a lot of work being in charge of European VAs and the other one.
6.Do you and @BluePanda900 get along?
7.What was your first flight you flew in Infinite flight?
8.Rate the growth of IF over the years of 2012 to now.
9.What changes are you going to make now that you are mod?
10.Do you want to become an Infinite flight staff when you grow up
11.Do you own a VA if not,do you want to start one?
12.With all these roles in IF is it hard,easy or so so
13.Do you want me to plan a celebration event for you and Damian?

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A great one too.


Were you surprised when you were asked to become a moderator? Tell us a bit about how you felt.

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How does it feel to wake up and be a mod, what changes?

What VA would you start?

How do you feel about the 2018 World Cup?

Will City win the Premier League? Answer wisely, Manchester City 6-1 Southampton

I’m done haha

(These are for Ewan)

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I feel offended that I wasn’t mentioned in ANY of these

I was trying to work you in somewhere, lemme find a spot now.

Serious Question: Do You Put Milk In Your Tea? (@MishaCamp) Ta!

Also, please make the A350 free and make me a mod. KThanksBai. Oh, and let me back into IFATC ;)

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Ta! (It’s a lot of questions, I know)

Lots of questions buddy @BluePanda900 😂😂😂

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How has this forum changed you as a person? And how has the forum helped you?

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pineapple on pizza. yes or no?

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Put it this way, I’m very glad @rileymoyer has to choose which questions to ask here…